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The Role of the Company Secretary: Focus on Integrity

It would be a foolhardy board that would incentivise the company secretary by linking bonuses to matters such as financial performance as this could act as a significant deterrent to bringing matters of concern to the board’s attention.

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Flattening the Governance Curve: Building Governance-Herd Immunity for Schools

The highest concern at a board level is how to fulfil the fundamental legal ‘duty of care and diligence’ that rests on school board members.

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Director Fees & Tax: Do This by June 30th 2020

ATO announces changes to Company Director remuneration for June 30th 2020

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When are company directors fees NOT deductible?

ATO announces changes to Company Director remuneration

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Out of the Shadows and Setting the Cultural Tone: The Board’s Role in Relation to Organisational Culture

As the (virtual) ink dries on this (virtual) paper, there is shared Australian community outrage at the excessive, extensive and seemingly endemic bad conduct by employees of the major banks and finance houses.  However, whilst loss of community confidence in institutions was once seen as the domain of large corporations, loss of community confidence in not-for-profit organisations and institutions is at an all-time high in Australia.

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The Long Shadow of Conflicts of Interest

Poorly managed conflicts of interest in the boardroom can cast long shadows. They can inflict lasting damage on the dynamic and operation of the board. For as long as boards are made up of people they are likely to continue to be one of the most common sources of boardroom tension and yet are still amongst the least well understood.

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Deciding What to Decide: Is Your Board Adding (or Subtracting) Value?

When it comes to many such decisions confronting boards today, too often the board feels at sea. Too much technical information and too little familiarity around the board table with the concepts concerned can result in the board not only failing to add value but instead subtracting value.

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