Corporate governance

Benefit from our extensive track record of informed, practical, and professional governance solutions.

Through our collaborative approach to developing bespoke solutions, we work with you to ensure we deliver the right governance solutions for your unique needs. Our services include:


Work with a team that draws on extensive careers as practising legal professionals and directors.

Through decades of experience practicing law alongside extensive board expertise, our teams disciplined analytical thinking and technical understanding allows us to offer you a specialised suite of corporate governance legal services, such as:


Access decades of experience in helping boards and executive teams to think and act strategically.

You know where your organisation is and you know where it needs to be; we can help you to plan how to get there safely and securely.

The best strategic plans don’t just sit in your bottom drawer but will genuinely guide your business towards the future with a strong sense of your purpose.

We have worked with clients in a wide range of sectors including health, education, government, not-for-profit, agriculture, energy and professional services. These organisations range from the small family business to the large multi-nationals,

Our approach will always be shaped by your needs, however, our strategic planning approach typically involves a three-step process:



Research & Stakeholder Interviews



Vision, Values, Priorities, SWOT



Communication & Engagement, Ongoing Reporting

Company secretary

​We can assist you in many ways, including:

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching focuses on empowering the individual in an Executive position.

We work with Senior Executives to develop presence and self-awareness in an environment that challenges their existing mindsets and attitudes in order to improve organisational relationships, strategic thinking and innovation.

Specialist expertise

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